Hello my name is Magda Talleda speak Spanish, English, paiamento. We can help with translation. My hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 (EST). If you call between hours, I can leave a mesaje voice, I will contact you in my office hours.

We ship trucks and equipment to all Mexico , South and Central America , the Caribbean islands and Africa .
We are near ports Philadelphia , New York , New Jersey , Delaware Wilmington and Baltimore Maryland . We have the ability to load the containers, and help with transportation to ports. If you need help with the boat you can reach me , I can recommend with companies boat that we used previously and are trusted. The inventory that is on our website is in our company and peretenece to  Opdyke Inc . Prices given on our website are in US Dollars. Also seek sales agents and distributors of trucks that can sell our trucks and equipment. Our company pays a commission when a sale is made. Thank you for visiting our website . For more information or questions can contact me . Sincerely, Magda Magda@Opdykes.com (215) 721-4444 (800) 848-8142